Sunday, May 11, 2008

Why Does Bill Put Only The Highest Priced Materials in AMKO Buildings?

Bill Myrick is a great guy.

I can say this because I am his son, Doug, and I wouldn't be one bit biased, right?

Just the same, dear old Dad has been at the building business for years...
... and though a lot has changed over the years, one thing stays very much the same:

He simply refuses to use cheap materials in his
AMKO Quality metal buildings.

That's because Myrick Construction, Incorporated is the exclusive manufacturers and builders of the AMKO Quality Steel Truss Wood Frame Metal building.

I think it is because he's kind of stubborn about
quality, but he'll tell you that it's really all about producing a quality finished product that you'll be proud of for years and years to come.

You see, I grew up hearing my father explain to satisfied customers one simple principle that has withstood the test of time:
"The bitterness of poor quality will long outlive the temporary sweetness of low price."

I believe he is right. Make yourself at home at Dad's company website.
Visit Be sure to take note of the trademarked AMKO logo flag sheet that goes on every building they erect. Stop by sometime and tell them Doug sent you.

There's always a warm cup of fresh coffee in the lobby, and Dad loves to show people around the customized spec building in Pea Ridge that houses the corporate office.

It's at 190 Smith street, right behind the new Arvest bank in Pea Ridge, but you'll see his giant flag pole from the 4-way stop.

Dad loves good ole' classic country music, and so does Mom.
That's why you'll hear it softly playing in the background throughout the lobby and office. Dad says that it was attention to detail and pride in a job well done that made America great. I guess that's why those values show throughout each building he and the crew erect.

No, an AMKO building is certainly not one of those cheap, run of the mill, nickel-and-dime soft metal buildings you'll see twisted up after a good wind storm. Only the very best goes into an AMKO Quality metal building. You get what you pay for, but the pride of ownership (and those bragging rights) last a lifetime.

Give dear old Dad a call today, won't you?
Oh, tell him Doug sent you. It may just save you some money.


Myrick Construction, Inc. Offices
190 Smith Street
Pea Ridge, Arkansas 72751
Local (479) 451-1724